Winter Wear

As colder weather approaches it is crucial students are dressed for the weather. Toques, gloves, warm clothing, socks, boots are imperative.  Students will be going outside for recess unless the temperature is below -25 degrees. 

Going to school is also a way of life for our students and staff, regardless of the weather. Very rarely are Regina Public schools closed during a regular school day. Even in a blizzard! School buses and transportation similarly will run in most temperatures.

When it gets cold or snowy, parents often ask "is school cancelled?", "are the busses running?", "will there be indoor recess?".

A few things to know about severe winter conditions and school days at Regina Public Schools.

  • The school principal shall ensure that school procedures are in place so that students are not unduly exposed to cold or inclement weather.
  • In elementary schools, main entrances are to be opened not later than 8:00 a.m..
  • In high schools, main entrances are to be opened not later than 7:30 a.m..
  • Parents/guardians are to be reminded that playground supervision is provided fifteen minutes before morning and afternoon classes at elementary schools.When determining if students should remain indoors, Principals shall consult Administrative Procedure 356 – Appendix: Extreme Weather Guidelines.
  • When students have an outdoor recess in cold or inclement weather, they are to be allowed to re-enter the building at any time during the recess period.
  • Any student presenting a written request from a parent/guardian is to be excused from going out-of-doors during recess.