Student Information Night

Bus Cancellations

Please note the attaced document stating the cold weather policies on school transportation.

Pearson Online free e-text resources

Please click on the attachment below to learn about the new free online resources for students in Grade 4-8 at our school.


Coronation Park School history

Click on the PDF to learn how Coronation Park School got it's name!

Aboriginal Self-Declaration Information

World Map - take a look at all the places our students are from!!

View Coronation Park World Map in a larger map

Substitute Teacher Login Link

Coronation Park School Goals

Coronation Park Community School Goals

90% of all students will be able to read at or above grade level.

All students will feel a “sense of belonging” at Coronation Park School.

All students will use the Circle of Courage 4 point scale.

All students will participate in at least one Circle of Courage inquiry project.


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Numeracy Sites

Some helpful math sites and games here for Grade 1-8.

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