Pearson Online free e-text resources

Please click on the attachment below to learn about the new free online resources for students in Grade 4-8 at our school.


LIFETOUCH school pictures

You can still order school pictures on line.  Go to for more information!

We want to hear from you!

We want to hear from you!

Regina Public Schools would like to know how we can best meet your family’s needs when it comes to high school education. We are striving to provide an equitable and exceptional educational and extra-curricular experience for all high school students, regardless of where they live in Regina.

We are asking students in elementary school grades 6 to 8 and high school grades 9 to 12 and parents or guardians to share their thoughts so we at Regina Public Schools create a better high school experience.

We encourage you to participate. Please click on the attachment below for more details and to help get started.


Coronation Park School history

Click on the PDF to learn how Coronation Park School got it's name!

Aboriginal Self-Declaration Information

World Map - take a look at all the places our students are from!!

View Coronation Park World Map in a larger map

Substitute Teacher Login Link

Coronation Park School Goals

Coronation Park Community School Goals

90% of all students will be able to read at or above grade level.

All students will feel a “sense of belonging” at Coronation Park School.

All students will use the Circle of Courage 4 point scale.

All students will participate in at least one Circle of Courage inquiry project.


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Numeracy Sites

Some helpful math sites and games here for Grade 1-8.

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