Math Games

Student Math Games

Numeracy: - play math games against students around the world.

Math Lines - Shoot the marbles to add the numbers!

Number Twins - Match the marbles to clear the board.

Subtraction Blast - You can shoot only 2 and 3 to smash up invading number asteroids.
Find Grampy - Not the best graphics but a good fraction game.
Fraction Manor - Kind of like Super Mario but with fractions.
Jet Ski Math Race - May the fastest mathematician win!
Ten Frames Game - Great game for grades 1 and 2
Measuring Angles - Not the most exciting game but a very important skill for grade six and up
Upper Level Math Games
Ice Ice Maybe - Estimate the answer and rescue the penguins!
Flower Power Lite - Use mixed fractions to grow those flowers and collect the money.
Pyramid Panic - Find the radius or the diameter before the monster gets you.
Kenken - Developed by a Japanese teacher to help kids with multiplication and division.

Mathletics website

Grade 1 Math Websites; Interactive Math Activities
Grade 2 Math Websites; Interactive Math Activities
Grade 3 Math Websites; Interactive Math Activities
Grade 4 Math Websites; Interactive Math Activities
Grade 5 Math Websites; Interactive Math Activities
Grade 6 Interactive Math Activities
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Sheppard's Educational Interactive Site - math games
AAA Math lots of good math games
Design your own Interactive Math Games

Multiplication Games:
Quick FlashII good speed practice!
Multiplication Games - lots of games such as Granny Races, Diaper Derby and more!
Super Stars
Disco Dino lots of fun if you like disco!
Target the answer -a shooting game
Two minute Warning
Who wants to be a mathionaire?
Multiplication tunnel blaster
Gamequarium - lots of x games

1) Estimate using a number line - good
2) Estimate place value blocks using a number line - good
3) Math is fun - estimating games
4) AAA - Estimation Practice

Place Value
Place value of decimals
Finding place value
Ordering Decimals
The Awards Ceremony - a good site
Higher or lower

Fraction Games - lots to try here!
Lots more Fraction Games
Fractions to Decimals
Visual Fractions
Visual Fraction Games - Find Grampy
AAAmath Fractions
Fraction Eaters **
Equivalent Fractions
Equivalent Fractions Hidden Matching game
Dirt Bike Fractions ***
Equivalent Fraction Match
Flowering Fractions ***
Fraction Balls Game *****
Fraction Monkeys ***

Basic Decimal Games
Decimal Squares
Decimal Games
Decimal Detective
Decimal Math Games
Decimals in Space
Lots of Decimal Games
AAA Math - Decimals
Free math games - decimals