Our School

School Demographics and Programming:

Coronation Park Community School (CPCS) officially opened on November 1st, 1957. This was the beginning of a long commitment to serving the educational needs of the Regina North West area. Coronation Park first began its birth in 1956 at the present location of 3105 4th Ave. N. The opening was delayed due to a fire that destroyed most of the first building. In 2003 – 2004 Coronation Park School became Coronation Park Community School. The reflective needs of the community were best met by a Community School model. This continues to serve the CPCS population well.

The community and surrounding area that make up the families that attend CPCS are diverse and show evidence of long term family connections as well as new birth of families making up the population of 260 from Pre-K - 8 students. Recently, we have had many new EAL families move into the area. We now have approximately 80 EAL students in our school. The neighborhood is growing and vital.

Coronation Park Community School has a full staff comprised of Principal, Vice- Principal, Teachers, Early Reading Intervention Teacher, Counselor, Learning Resource teachers, EAL teacher and Paraprofessionals and Support staff. There is an active student advisory council (SAC). The School Community Council (SCC) is always looking for new members! Please call the school if you are interested.

Pre-Kindergarten Program: Coronation Park Community School has a full-time Pre-Kindergarten program. Children 3 and 4 years old can be enrolled in the program. In a Pre-Kindergarten classroom children learn by interacting with people, things, and events. The students also learn motors skills through hands on activities that also require them to develop reasoning skills. At the end of the school year the children, through working within the centers, should be able to recognize letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and print their names as well as some numbers. In addition, children will be working on mastering skills such as following directions, taking turns, sharing, tying their shoes, and many others. Our goal is to create a fun and safe learning environment for your children to keep them enthusiastic for learning and exploring new things. Families are welcome to contact Coronation Park School for further information or a classroom tour.


Reading Intervention Support: Coronation Park Elementary School is part of a project that supports student literacy in the early years (targeting Kgn, Grades One and Two). The Early Reading Intervention teacher provides targeted reading support to ensure that students are developing reading and literacy skills to their full potential. Intensive instruction will be scheduled in ten to twelve week blocks. The students that are selected for the program will meet with the Reading Intervention Teacher daily to receive small-group instruction (usually in groups of three) based on individual learning needs. Each session will last at least 30 minutes. If needed, students may participate in more than one block. The Reading Intervention teacher will also collaborate and co-teach with the primary teachers focusing on reading and writing strategies and supporting literacy instruction.

Speech Language Services: A speech language pathologist provides assistance for students who are experiencing difficulty speaking or learning due to a language disorder. The SLP is part of our SA team to provide support and guidance.

Self-Regulation Room: The Self-R room is designed for use by students who are unable to regulate in the regular classroom and need a short break in order to regain their focus and get ready to learn. It is located downstairs beside the Arts Ed. room. The SR room has been designed with various sensory needs in mind.

If you have any questions about Coronation Park School please call us!